Universal Laws

Every single human has greatness and immortal genius within them.

In your brief physical time on Earth, it is important that you follow your own vision, mission, and core set of values so that you can achieve what you were sent here to do.

See The Patterns

The universe provides all of us with laws that guide the way.  Physical laws such as gravity, the speed of light, magnetism, and wave theory just to name a few.  The list here is endless as mankind discovers and unfolds them one at a time.

Equally important are the mental laws, which reference as to how we utilize our minds in our quest to shape and find meaning in our lives.

Similarly there are laws for business, finance, and health. Laws that once you become aligned with will fulfill your dreams and bring your visions into being.

Then there are the fundamental laws of the Universe (below), those that have the greatest impact above all others.

The Universal Law of Gratitude

To those who are grateful, more is given. This is a very simple principle yet extremely powerful nonetheless.

Our Universe has been designed so that it bestows its gifts where and when they are most appreciated. It is inherently tuned in to all frequencies, and as a consequence aligns itself accordingly with what it receives.

Quoting Eric Hoffer, the American social philosopher, “The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings.”

The Universal Law of Entropy & Energy

We live in a Universe of order and chaos.  Duality is a fundamental phenomenon.  Light and darkness.  Positive and negative. North and south. Birth and death. 

This law clearly states that wherever you place your focus and energy, order soon follows.  The opposite also holds true.  What you tend to neglect or avoid altogether tends to naturally move towards a state of increasing chaos (disorder).

So the question always comes back to that of focus.  What are you focusing on?  Where do you invest your resources, especially those of energy through time?

We cannot do everything, yet as humans, we can discern between what is minor and what is major. 

Whatever you choose to focus on will grow.  Where your energy goes, so goes your life.

The Universal Law of Duality

Since we live in a world bounded by both order and chaos, then continuously splitting ourselves in search of only the order (good) deviates us from our paths.

The great discovery is that both positive and negative, good and bad, support and challenge, chaos, and order – all come together in pairs.

They are simultaneous and perfectly balanced, and this is what makes up for the divine order.

When we face setbacks in life, no matter what they may be, one of the keys is to embrace them, for through them comes wisdom and power.

Any form of resistance irrespective of the situation, good or bad, decelerates our forward propulsion. So no matter what may cross your path, know that it has arrived for a greater purpose. So go ahead and embrace it without complaint nor negativity.

The Universal Law of Cause and Effect

Every effect in our world is preceded by a cause.

This law is the foundation of all scientific method.  There is indeed a reason for everything that happens, whether we know it or not. 

The good news is that if something in your life or business is not working, you simply adjust or change and activity upstream in order to arrive at a different set of results.

Overcoming Inertia

In fact, the more different things you try and the more adjustments you make, the greater the probability of achieving exactly what you set out to achieve.

Life is not a static game, it requires great flexibility, patience, acceptance of the current situation, and a commitment to continuous learning put to practice.

As in business and in life, the initial awareness of the fundamental laws together with their practice opens  up universal possibilities and increases the probabilities to achieving your objectives, visions, and dreams.Universal Laws