Board of Directors Protocol

Across the years in his capacity as a leading global business advisor, Dan has been invited and continues to be invited onto the boards of progressive companies.

As a board member and minor shareholder of a small number of such companies, Dan is fully invested in delivering his business expertise at the highest levels possible, including:Board of Directors

  • Establishing and streamlining Board of Directors process internally
  • Private Board Meetings delivered quarterly
  • Private one – on – one advisory sessions with the CEO
  • Total strategic design blueprint
  • Total strategic execution blueprint
  • Analysis of key financials both monthly and quarterly
  • Analysis of key organisational drivers both monthly and quarterly
  • Access to all of Dan’s speaking events for the middle management and above
  • Non-business hours availability

Partnership Requirements

Shareholding: 10%

Performance: Up to 5% revenue invested quarterly

Retainer: Maximum USD$12000 + taxes paid quarterly*

* (Retainer subtracted from performance)

Please note: Due to the many invitations that Dan receives annually, acceptance is strictly limited a maximum of four (4) new board memberships per calendar year following interview process and full analysis of the underlying entity / company.