• I’ve been working with Dan Floros as a business coach or mentor since March 2021 and Dan has helped me greatly on the following aspects of my life:

    • Defined crystal clear life goals
    • Improved businesses efficiency by doing less to earn more
    • Focus

    The list could go on a lot longer, but the main ones are identified above. Those three points changed my life and business. When I met Dan, I was running $30M businesses and after seven months with Dan, I’m running $40M business. I am on track to hit $100M target next year.

    Dan always pushes me to make a bigger impact in life and we have started a charity to make real impact to the world.

    Under Dan’s program, I managed to leave all the negatives and focus on the positive where I can make an impact and I am very grateful to Dan’s help.

    This testimonial is to say that if you train with Dan and willing to put your time and efforts 100% into the program, you will achieve greatness and it’s not just business, it is with life. I trust that you will enjoy the journey with Dan as much as I am enjoying it.

    Thank you Dan for everything you’ve done for me and my family

    Minh Phan CEO - Little Penguins Group
  • More Than A Business Advisor
    I’ve been working with Dan Floros since June 2020 and he is very good at what he does. He is a very good man with a very good heart. I know how he take cares of his clients and how he wants them to succeed in their business. He is a great Business Advisor and I love his mini library at home!

    I wouldn’t think that I would have Hypertension at age of 35. I always had a headache and I thought it was only the effect of long exposure on the computer because I’ve been working remotely since 2011. Usually, my headache will go away if I wear my eyeglass, take some rest, or take some pain reliever for headaches but it didn’t go away even I am not working. I went to the doctor to make sure that everything is fine with me. So, I went to a Neurologist he prescribed me a food supplement for the brain, a pain reliever when I have a headache but that time my blood pressure is already 160/100 as per the nurse. I know that is high and I wonder why the doctor didn’t prescribe me a medication to lower my blood pressure and on the same day I bought a high blood pressure monitor and checked my blood pressure and it was already 180/100. I was rushed to the hospital to lower my blood pressure. After a couple of days, I visited a cardiologist, my laboratory test was normal, and he said that I am already hypertensive. He prescribed me a medicine called “Losartan” as my daily maintenance for my Hypertension. But because I am not really satisfied and I know I am too young to take maintenance, and I don’t really want to take any medicine and I want to know what triggers my hypertension. I went to Endocrinologists to check my thyroid and it was normal.

    Then one Friday afternoon, I had a zoom call with Dan, he asked me about my health, that time I was struggling with my blood pressure and then he mentioned to me about Walter Kempner and John McDougall's diet program. My normal BP is 150/100 or 140/100 since I was diagnosed as hypertensive even, I am taking medications. Dan advises me to follow Walter Kempner and John McDougall’s diet program. I believe in Dan and I trust him. I started the diet Saturday morning, and I didn’t take any medications since I started the diet and in 3 days there is a gradual decrease in my blood pressure. It went down to 130/90-120/90 and on the 4th the day I can see normal results in my blood pressure from 120/90-120/80. On the 5th day, all my blood pressure results are normal. I am not taking any more medications and my blood pressure went back to normal.

    I am very thankful to Dan, because he saves my life, without his knowledge I wouldn’t know about Walter Kempner and John McDougall’s diet program which helps so many people to cure Diabetic, Hypertension, Kidney disease, and obesity in 1930s. The doctors prescribed me an expensive medication and my blood pressure didn’t back to normal even I am taking medicine for more than 1 month and Dan advise me to follow Walter Kempner and John MacDougall’s diet program in just 5 days my blood pressure went back to normal without taking any medicine. Thank you so much Dan, you are not only the Best Business Advisor but also better than a doctor!

    Cathy Mangulabnan Executive Assistant at Dan Floros International
  • In 2015 I was fortunate enough to meet Dan Floros during one of his annual work-related trips to Europe. I still recall the moment we casually had our first conversation in a quiet cafe just under the Acropolis in Athens.

    I remember the first questions that he put to me, specifically as to why I was in the businesses I was in and as to why clients should choose my companies in preference to my competitors. Embarrassingly at the time, I had few answers.

    His promise to me then was straightforward. I was to complete step-by-step, principle-by-principle, fundamentals strategies, and tactics that taken together would accelerate and compound my results both in and outside my businesses.

    This was his promise. Straightforward and real. Zero sugar coating. Be early. Do the work early, without excuse. Stay the course until. Harness my mind.

    So we began to work together within his CEO Advisory Program.

    At first, it was challenging. I had to unlearn a lot of the beliefs and approaches that no longer served me. Dan was hard on me. Yes, I thought about stepping away from the program. I had to re-arrange my schedule, my thinking, my activities. Re-focus on what really mattered when it came to getting the best out of myself and my teams.

    I had to allocate my precious resources of time and cash flow together with a relentless focus on results through clear and concise measurement.

    Then things began to transform. Three months in I began to see things differently. In the first six months together, our profit margins improved by 137% driven by a clear understanding of the true value that my team and I brought to the marketplace.

    Strategy. People. Execution...and cash flow. One by one they improved.

    In terms of my wealth, Dan showed me how to asset allocate as I moved into USA based entities and investments that were all new to me.

    He showed me how to trade contracts through Trade Simply, Live Free, something that was totally foreign to me at the time. My first year 2020 trading returns? 89%.

    And I'm only just scratching the surface with what we have done together.

    I joke with him that he should start an office in Greece and maybe just work with me, but I'm fully aware of his life purpose of changing the lives of as many people on Earth in what he calls 'this brief moment in eternity".

    As a result of all this. I have formally invited Dan as a shareholder and principal strategist for 3 Peaks A.E, committed to exporting the finest food products from the Peloponnese. I keep reminding Dan that we are now joined at the hip! He keeps reminding me to do the work.

    My message to anyone thinking about collaborating with Dan is very simple. Don't delay.

    I have met a lot of people in my life. But nobody has had such a profound impact on my productivity, my businesses, the wealth of my family, and most importantly my personal philosophy. In essence, he has saved my time and helped increase profits not just over the last twelve months, but most importantly in the decades to come.

    Forever grateful.

    Michael Katsipodas CEO - 3 Peaks A.E | January 16, 2021
  • At the time I had my own wellbeing and coaching business that was on the border of bankruptcy, had been plagued with partnership problems and lack of clear direction. I had become caught up in the business, was in a totally negative mind space by trying everything I knew and the lack of business, and was totally confused to make a decision of what to do next.

    I thought that I had all the skills needed to run a business as I had been in the field for years and have had many coaches prior to this all claiming they had the answer to success!! Then I met Dan!!

    WOW - Dan literally has changed my life around and I have never looked back. He gave me the strength and foresight to make decision and embark on a journey over the last 12 months that has been like a dream come true. I went from losing over $150 K in 2 years to now making over $36,000 per month, all this in 12 months.

    He has taught me how to bring out the best of me, gel on my feet and smash the limiting beliefs out of my head forever.

    I now have money in the bank, have been on 2 holidays, paid off all my debts and living the life that I love, my family is happy and I couldn't be more focused.

    Through his support I have also undertaken an MBA at the prestigious Australian School of Business, created a new coaching business. have learned skills that I never knew even needed and most importantly Don has set me free.. If you want to change your life forever, don't mind hard work and a no B/S approach to get to the core essence of who's stopping you from achieving your dreams, then DAN is the MAN!!

    My family and I are eternally grateful for your kindness and professionalism and about delivering what you said you were going to do- just didn't realize it was going to be this momentous.

    Your friend and student!

    Nick Psaila Nick Psaila International | August 29, 2020
  • The best way to describe Dan Floros is to compare him to a time machine. A time machine that will make your business leap into the future.

    By helping us strip our business to the core, Dan has allowed us to build a solid foundation for future accelerated growth, giving us more clarity and direction.

    Dan's experience in business gave us the confidence that every advice he gave us was the best way for our business to succeed.

    He helped our business grow in a year what others would grow in five years.

    Looking back at it today I will work with Dan Floros every single time.

    Estefano Bonfante Director and Co-founder - Equnox Designs Pty Ltd | August 28, 2020
  • Our six month journey to date with Dan all started on a chance trip from Wynyard to Central stations in February 2020.

    My business partner Estefano and I met Dan whilst on our way to real estate school. He overheard us  discussing our previous trades from the night before on the train and asked ‘are you guys talking about the CMC trading platform?’.

    Unknowingly, we had stumbled upon the modern day ‘Yoda’!

    Dan is now a critical part of Equnox’s fundamental DNA. He possesses characteristics of elite CEO’s and leaders. He is a gun at sales, a master in self direction, and our biggest role model. Dan’s insights opened up a whole universe of possibilities instead of closing them out, a key tribute to our success to date. Dan knows the language of business. He breaths it. I could safely say there is no one else I know who actually does. And that’s funny because I have met a few business mentors who couldn’t sell me their services because they have not much to offer. Dan is at the other end of this spectrum. We would have made a grave decision had we not moved forward with him.

    He positions himself as having the best business advisory program in the world, and we have to agree. The depth and breadth of what he brings to the table across all aspects of business is phenomenal.

    Our business started out a year ago. I used to think I knew business before I met Dan, but now see that I knew 1%, if lucky. Dan has taken our business and propelled it forward at least 10 years ahead of itself even though we have only spent a few months with him with many more ahead.

    Those windy roads of trial and error have been straightened out. It’s like he gave us the winning game plan before we started the match. The shortcut to success. I’m sure one day he will write a book that will alter the course of many business minds.

    From the start our business was complex and contained many moving parts, making it difficult to identify what we were actually doing. Add to that our ideal client being the top 0.1% of the wealth pyramid, and you have yourself a rather difficult and easily confusing business model.

    Within our first few months this was ironed out, our vision was set and we knew what mission to complete in order to achieve it. We even set our company values in stone!

    Something I had never thought about even personally. “If it’s not written down in front of you, it just won’t happen” - Dan Floros.....we would hear this time and time again.

    So we began to set our game plan in stone. Step by step, week by week, month by month.

    From strategy, to structure, to marketing, sales, operations, systems, and sustainable scalability.

    We set out our wealth plan in stone as well. Never had one, now we are on our way to investing our profits.

    More than this, I have become a wiser man. I see things differently now, I have clear goals, I have a more business like mind and can see the difference of working ‘on’ the business rather than ‘in’ it. I can tell that what we have learnt from Dan is the key difference between a person who runs a business and a person who leads a corporation. These fundamentals are integral to allowing your company to be in multiple locations, hiring 1000’s of employees turning over millions of dollars all over the world.

    I recommend Dan to any leader out there who wishes to better their business, themselves and achieve more. If you are finding yourself pushing out more hours causing a lot of stress and restricting your growth, just remember, ‘Yoda’ has crossed your path.

    The investment in his services is extremely small in comparison to the benefits and returns you will receive across your business, wealth, and life way into the future. You would be nuts to not at least work with Dan for 3 months simply because you will find exactly what I have found - your life will be transformed, guaranteed!

    Don’t waste another second thinking about it, simply because he doesn’t take everyone he interviews nor have you time to waste. If you are committed to being outstanding and building a kick ass company, he is the CEO’s CEO. All you have to do is work with him. Listen, learn, apply, repeat.

    “You can’t build an exponential business and real wealth until you first set the foundations” - Dan Floros. ...and yes, call me if you need any further insight into Dan.

    Ratu Knight Director & Co-Founder - Equnox Designs Pty Ltd | August 15, 2020
  • Mastermind Seminar – The Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Achievement  22.02.2013 

    Often, you wonder why some people struggle through life. They work too hard for too little. On the flip side, you wonder why others seem to achieve so much, with what seems to take less effort, but with the added bonus of more happiness and peace of mind. All these questions, and more, were answered in Dan’s latest seminar, which helps the audience understand that they, too, can achieve so much, just by implementing the unbreakable laws of achievement into their everyday lives.

    Dan’s ability to speak and convey his message is what makes this seminar a success. His words not only stimulated the thought process but also encouraged discussions that proved extremely fruitful, all due to Dan’s effectiveness as a seminar leader.

    Dan’s seminar influenced myself to take the small steps toward success, and through the seminar, I learnt that the road doesn’t have to be as hard as we generally think it should be if we act on these laws and put these laws into both our working lives and our personal lives.

    I have had no hesitation in recommending Dan’s Mastermind Seminars to all of my peers, and I cannot wait for the next one myself. Dan has revolutionized the thought process, and inspired many people, with many more to come.

    John Englezos Managing Director - Andromeda Media Group | February 02, 2013
  • Dan was introduced to me through our business neighbor approximately 18 month ago, and we started working together four months later.

    Our initial meetings were straight forward, immediately prompting me to consider a 5-year plan for my business and forcing me to take time out to consider this from both professional and personal perspectives. During subsequent meetings we reviewed the company’s internal processes and reviewed the financials.

    Initially, I honestly couldn’t see the benefit of such introspection but I am so glad we stuck with it, as the results have been better than we could ever have imagined!

    Dan’s approach is to be upfront and to keep digging and asking ‘why?’ and ‘what needs to change?’ in order to move forward. While this was a confronting process for us (and at times the challenges seemed too great), Dan has remained committed, dedicated, and reassuring throughout.

    Over the past 14 months our EBIT has increases from $24k to over $600k, a percentage increase of over 2500%, achieved by focusing on introducing new staff and managers into positions that had previously tied the Directors down, which allowed our focus to shift away from day to day operations and towards the future of the business. Dan’s greatest strength is his professional integrity, and we are grateful for his network of professional colleagues, two of which, I’m pleased to say, we have now engaged. This kind of support cannot be underestimated for a SME.

    We are still experiencing ‘growing pains’ but holding EBIT given a tough trading climate, and have a stronger team capable of pushing ahead with Dan’s support.

    Personally, I would now like to think of Dan as a friend and cannot thank him and his business network enough for the support they have offered us during recent times.

    Richard Sheppard Managing Director - National Height Safety & Access Solutions | September 30, 2012
  • We met Dan Floros over 12 months ago through an acquaintance and started working with Dan in July 2009. Dan is someone we always imagined we would meet. A person who would guide us in our business and help us achieve our personal and business goals.

    It has been 12 months and what a year!

    The DFI philosophy is a proven system for reaching your business and personal objectives faster than you thought possible by establishing Clarity, Focus and Simplicity on what really matters. Dan helped us by reminding us what we always knew we wanted deep inside, who we always thought we were and what we always wanted to be.

    Our perceptions have changed for all aspects in our lives: how to run a successful business, improve business etiquettes, managing staff, selling skills and how education really does matter.

    We started reading books on wealth, psychology and investing. By reading these books, our perceptions changed and thus consequently made some amazing changes for the better.

    We started investing. Something we never thought of doing. We realised we didn't need a lot of money to do this. Just respect money and it will then respect you. It's that simple.

    We learnt about the universe. It will give you back a lot more than you give. This never ceases to amaze us. By gaining clarity, Dan helped us discover some major loopholes in our accounts thus gaining us more income. This financial year our business turnover increased by 30% in comparison to last financial year and despite the doom and gloom of the "GFC".

    Words are not enough to express our gratitude and appreciation to Dan Floros. We highly recommend to anyone to let Dan take you through the journey. Enjoy the ride!

    Dianne Raftou-Stoikos and Toll Stoikos Piotis Pty Ltd | July 2010
  • Dan Floros joined our speaking team from August 2003 - September 2007, representing our organisation across the Middle East, Malaysia, and Europe on many occasions during this time.  His 5-Day MBA Program delivered in front of executives in the energy sectors was one of our most requested and in-demand programs during his time with us. We were sad to see him go, but at the same time pleased in knowing that his impact continues. Always professional and deep in his knowledge.

    Mohammed Said Director - Euromatech | July 2007