Strategic Turnaround

The ability to design and implement a winning strategy is the main reason why businesses succeed beyond their expectations or fall by the wayside.

Yet by far the majority of businesses in any industry are operated haphazardly with very little thought given as to the timely delivery of a game plan that delivers exceptional results.

Ask Yourself – “Do I Have A Business Strategy That Is Unique, Scalable, & Easy To Execute?”

Fact 1: Less than 3% of businesses truly have a well thought out strategy, one that leads to a true competitive advantage.

For starters, can you say what your overall strategy is in 35 words or less? If so, would your colleagues put it the same way?

It is our experience with our spectrum of global clients that very few executives can honestly answer these simple questions in the affirmative. And the companies that these executives work for are eleven times (11x) more profitable because they have taken the time to construct a winning business strategy.

Fact 2: Executing Strategy Is The Major Challenge For Businesses Everywhere

In 2016, it was estimated that 67% of well-formulated strategies failed due to poor execution. Why?

  1. Leaders have not taken the time to construct a differentiated strategy that dominates their market
  2. Leaders chase too many shiny objects and are unfocused when it comes to executing their strategy
  3. Leaders work around poor organisational designs
  4. Leaders are incapable to drive the business through effective communication and accountability

Fact 3:  The right strategy is easy to recognise. You attract results like never before!

So how do you know when you have an industry-dominating, competitor-crushing strategy? Sustainable top-line revenue growth and increasing gross margin dollars are two key financial indicators.

The other way to know if you have a strategy? Do you say “no” 20 times more than you say “yes” – no to increasing number of opportunities coming your way; no to the wrong customers for your business model; no to nineteen of the twenty people wanting to work with you (because marketing is getting you a steady stream of applicants!) etc.?

Strategic Turnaround

The Dan Floros Strategic Turnaround Program

Our approach to delivering the clarity, detailed design, and execution requirements to your market dominating strategy incorporates the following steps:

  • Pre-work Analysis of your business summarized in a white paper
  • Strategic Session with you / your executive team (2 days)
  • Monthly Alignment Sessions with Dan
  • Strategic Blueprint tailored to your business

Dan works with all Strategic Turnaround clients across three months so as to embed the new strategy across the organization, ensuring sustainable results moving forward.

Minimum collaborative duration: 3 months

Investment: USD$36,000 + taxes

For further details on our Strategic Turnaround, please complete the requirements below and we will be in touch with you within 24 hours. Thank you.