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In addition to the programs available to our corporate clients, we offer the following public programs open to business executive and leaders directly through Dan Floros International and / or the Quantum Institute.

Program Duration: 4 Days (Quantum Institute)

First presented in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2003 Dan’s cut-through MBA brings together the necessary tools and strategies allowing you to grow and streamline your enterprise moving forward.

Day 1: Why Your Numbers Matter

Day 2: Competing Through Your Numbers

Day 3: Consistent Growth

Day 4: Implementing Your Vision

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Two power-packed days with ideas, success secrets, skills, fundamental principles, and strategies as practiced by the world’s greatest achievers, to help you make quantum leaps in your business and life.


Day 1: Personal Strategic Leadership

Seven Qualities of Master Achievers – The Critical Difference Of Leadership – Managing Yourself and Others For Peak Performance – Time: The Best Kept Secret of All Leaders – Focus On The Fundamentals – Begin With The End In Mind – Putting It All Together – Success And Self-Motivation


Day 2: Strategic Direction In Business

Think Your Way To A World Class Business – The Components To A World Class Business – Do You Have A Strategy? – The Three Your Business Plan – Focal Points For You The Business Leader – Q & A With Dan

Building wealth that endures beyond a lifetime is an exact science, numerically understood and practiced by a very small percentage of individuals who go on to reach financial freedom simply and easily.

For most people, becoming financially free remains elusive only because they are unaware of what drives real wealth, both at the psychological and at the mathematical level.

In this two – day event, Dan totally demystifies the ‘secrets’ to enduring wealth.


Day 1: The Psychology Of Wealth

Definition Of Financial Independence – Wealth Equations To Live By – Why The Majority Depend On Social Security – The Twin Requirements For Wealth – Cause & Effect Models To Financial Freedom – Building Assets, Avoiding Liabilities – Single Strategy To Wealth – Value Alignment, Value Creation – Finding A Cause Big Enough


Day 2: The Mathematics Of Wealth

Numbers Tell The Story – Asset Allocation – Recording Your Financial Landscape – The Truth About Fund Managers – A Matter Of Percentage Points – Time, Your Greatest Ally – Time, Not Timing – Diversification Demystified – Property, Cash, Equity State Of Plays – Trading For A Living


Q & A With Dan

Program Duration: 3 Hours

Open to all business executives, Dan’s foundational program delivered live canvasses the core requirements to successfully leading a sustainable and increasingly profitable enterprise.  Topics include:

The Purpose Of Business – The Buffet Rule – Designing A Compelling Direction – The Twin Drivers Of Business – Building Competencies That Matter – You And Your Scoreboard – Implementing Your Way To Results – Q & A With Dan

Duration: 90-Minute Webinar (Quantum Institute)

For many businesses, the generation of cash is the primary aim.  In truth, the most successful business owners generate consistent cash streams as a result of a clear strategic plan founded on a sound vision, mission, and value proposition.

In this short online event, Dan shows you what most business owners fail to grasp from the get go, and what to do about it so that you can build your enterprise on solid ground.