The CEO’s CEO Program

Having a trusted sounding board is considered to be a central shaper of extraordinary CEO careers.

Along such a premise, Dan’s CEO’s CEO Program has been developed as a natural extension of the relationships he has built with CEOs worldwide, all of whom share the desire to build great companies.

His advisory approach is not a totally static, passive process, bound to limited hours – rather, it takes a free form that fits within a CEO’s demanding schedule and allows for maximum access when a client needs it most.

Dan works with CEOs who have a clearly defined need that look at the whole business, a keen desire to learn, and who will take the primary role in shaping the development work they do with him.

The Dan Floros CEO’s CEO Program provides CEOs with clarity, focus, engagement, and most importantly collaborative accountability, resulting in sustainable growth.


Dan believes CEOs need to have eight fundamental competencies that are never delegated.

  • Increasing CEO productivity through a total understanding of the business
  • Developing Strategy
  • Driving Strategy (Execution)
  • Removing the highest obstacle
  • Deploying resources correctly
  • Streamlining organisational structure and culture
  • Effective decision-making through the financials
  • Increasing Self Awareness

These competencies cut across all aspects of the CEO mandate, including crafting strategy; executing strategy: shaping ethics; building a culture; developing emerging leadership capabilities; defining organisational purpose; invigorating an organisation; restructuring the organisation, setting high standards; overcoming obstacles; attracting talent, and self-efficacy.

Dan’s CEO engagement model is differentiated from typical advisory arrangements. In order to maximise value for his advisory clients, Dan has created an engagement model that allows for always-on advice that can take multiple forms in accordance with each client’s particular needs. This engagement can include:

  • In-person, formal planned sessions (monthly)
  • Ad-hoc phone/video access
  • Fixed, deep-dive conversations when required
  • Comprehensive strategic frameworks (SPEED)
  • Non-business hours availability

Dan prefers long-term relationships that have fixed monthly fees, and retainer-type arrangements that are re-activated on a quarterly basis. This provides his CEO clients with an at-the-ready resource without the overhead burden brought about by typical inflexible retainer relationships that typically run well over a year.

Minimum collaborative duration: 18 months

Annual Investment: $US250,000 + taxes where applicable

Limited to: Limited to 7 CEOs at any point in time

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