My Purpose

Shine A Light

Do you have an unstoppable desire to take your business to the next level and beyond?  To make a significant difference in the lives of your people, clients, family, and your life?  That’s a snapshot of where I was 30 years ago.

My journey began as a 17-year old through my start up educational college where I learned the art of leadership, together with what really mattered in growing my enterprise as I moved toward financial independence. It wasn’t a smooth path and I’ve taken on a few extra projects since these simpler days.

Throughout I have always remained first and foremost a student, a gatherer of sound ideas many of which have been passed on to countless leaders. Constant has been my deep desire to impact the world and change lives one person at a time.

You see, my purpose in life is growing and equipping leaders to build remarkable organisations by focusing on the fundamnetals.  In essence to ‘shine a light’ on what really matters.

Having spent decades working with, learning from, and personally mentoring countless leaders from various backgrounds, industry sectors, and cultures, I have come to the conclusion that what separates the minority of people who make things happen from the masses is simply this: they consistently apply a handful of key disciplines day in, day out.

It sounds simple, yes. Yet it never ceases to amaze me how so many business leaders expend so much of their energy on activities that produce mediocre results.

The truth is that it takes time to build an awesome business, one that meets the expectations of all stakeholders. Keep it simple. Execute on what really matters and remain totally committed to what works. This is my approach to business and life. It creates miracles.