Quantum Leap 15 Program


The Dan Floros Quantum Leap 15 Program has been developed for the purpose of providing clarity, focus, engagement and most importantly accountability throughout your business – resulting in guaranteed growth over the long run.

Unashamedly, the Quantum Leap 15 program is one of the most comprehensive and preeminent advisory services in the world.

The program is not an open invitation to the public at large, but rather represents a carefully selected group of highly focused business leaders whom Dan feels have the background, experience, and level of business acumen to not only benefit from the joint collaboration but also contribute to the overall success of everyone in this exclusive program.

The Dan Floros Quantum Leap 15 Program is designed for people who lead a business and are focused on dramatically increasing their progress. The purpose is to facilitate the growth and expansion of each person’s business in ways they never thought were possible.

Program Schedule & Recommendations

The Quantum Leap 15 Program is open to executives and business leaders throughout Australia & New Zealand, across any industry or market sector. Accordingly, successful applicants will be placed within an advanced cohort.

Each cohort and its members meet for 3 days every 4 months in Sydney or Melbourne for the purposes of sharing results, challenges, and designing future outcomes for the next 120 – days.

Full analysis and feedback of your operations is conducted on a monthly basis through our team of business specialists, ensuring you remain ahead of the growth curve.

Additionally, one-on-one meetings occur with Dan when required for the purpose of integrating and developing next level capabilities and tactics.

A fully integrated, easy to follow strategic game plan that encompasses all areas of the organisation is included as part of the program, together with accountability scoreboards, team development, and strategic partnering.

We strongly recommend a long-term outlook when it comes to taking your enterprise to the next level. The minimum duration for all members is 12 months with a strong view of committing to 36 months. If you are looking for a short term fix this program is not for you.

We are looking to collaborate with leaders demonstrating high levels of  integritytransparencyobjectivity, and work ethic.

Our philosophy resonates around maximizing profits for the least resources, especially time. Larger and more frantic is hardly ever the best path.

In summary, the Quantum Leap 15 Programs includes:-

Quantum Leap 15 Program

  • Limited to 15 business leaders per cohort

  • Accountability Board

  • Mentoring with Dan Floros

  • Financial Scoreboards & Analysis

  • KPI Scoreboards & Analysis

  • Weekly Accountability Reports

  • Integrative Implementation Dashboard

  • High Performance Training Programs

  • Strategic Partnerships

For further information regarding Dan’s Quantum 15 Leap Program please complete the initial details below. 

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