All businesses  no matter the type, size, or industry are faced with two choices. To either embrace constant refinement or fall by the wayside.

A common strategy framework used by companies that wish to embrace change and scalability is crafted around a future strategic vision together with the requirements to reach it.

Some will de-emphasize the current state analysis (present overview) because they are all about the “visioning” exercise. And leaders often buy into this approach, because, after all, who’s interested in figuring out how we got here, when it’s more interesting to talk about the future?

 Unfortunately, these leaders don’t realize until it’s too late that their resulting roadmap has significant blind spots and is headed toward the back shelf.

The reality is that it’s hard to develop a concrete, executable game plan without being grounded in the complexities that form the current state.

Current state analysis may not be the most important phase, but it is critical to an actionable roadmap that accurately captures the necessary steps to achieve the vision.Current State Analysis

The Dan Floros  Current State Analysis Program

Made of three distinct parts, our review of the current state of your business involves:-

  • Pre Work Activity: Collection of important organisational drivers and frameworks (“archaeological dig”)
  • Key Stakeholder Interviews: Identifying additional markers through dialogue with key leaders (full day)
  • Analysis and Reporting: Current state of your business summarised in a white paper

This kind of insight is needed to describe an equally integrate future change that addresses current pain points, and prevents current state issues from recurring.

 More importantly, it is critical in developing a fact-based understanding of the foundation upon which all transformation efforts are initiated. It creates a starting point for your game plan that is highly accurate in terms of understanding the work necessary to reach your future goals, and the sequence in which it should be tackled.  

 And this, in turn, is what creates a strategic game plan that prescribes how to achieve the desired future state.

 In order to achieve your future goals, you must know what brought you here.

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