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“The success of your enterprise is directly proportional to the quality of your greatest asset. Your people.” Dan Floros

Far too many leaders and the organisations they represent don’t reach their full potential because they are unaware of or choose to ignore what really works. Companies that choose to develop their leaders around time proven fundamentals have the opportunity to positively influence everyone in the organisation creating a cultural shift that leads to more engaged employees, improved ROI, and increased revenue.

Our uniqueness is based on Dan Floros’ commitment to learning, testing, and imparting sound insights and strategies that make a world of difference to the individual and the enterprise. It inspires people to lead beyond their titles, to develop strong relationships that lead to higher production, to learn to find and develop emerging leaders, and to create a culture of continuous development within the company.

Topics & Expertise

The program’s that follow represent part of the cornerstone of Dan’s quiet, consistent focus across the decades.

Keynote duration: 60 – 90 minutes

In this powerful keynote address, Dan opens up on the Universal insights required to create a unique and inspirational life. His approach is based on years of wisdom in working with leaders from the four corners of the World, integrated with his formal and informal studies in the Sciences, Business, Psychology, History, Investing, and Philosophy.

Program duration: 2 days

Leadership is the most discussed topic in the business world today. However when all is said and done, longitudinal studies always point back to a core number of principles and core characteristics that have stood the test of time common to highly effective leaders.

What are they? How do outstanding executives, managers, and sales professionals deliver meaningful results consistently, both inside and outside the organisation?

During his Leadership program delivered over two power packed days, Dan will reveal the ideas, success secrets, principles, and strategies practised by the world’s foremost leaders.

Themes covered in this event on leadership include:

Qualities of High Achievers – Managing Yourself for Peak Performance – Moving Forward In Your Career – Time Leverage – Selling You – Persuasion and Influence – The Difference of Leadership – Clarity and Goal Setting – How To Solve Any Challenge – Laws of Personal Finance – The Twin Objectives of Business – Traits of Self Made Millionaires – Master Skill of Communication – Accomplishing More with Less – Completing The Year – Self Efficacy & Self Esteem – Family / Work Balance – Success in the 21st Century – Further Mental Models

Program duration: 2 days

This powerful Business Success program is designed to assist leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, and business executives in bringing their corporate vision to life. Particular focus is given to understanding the nature of business, followed by the ingredients required in formulating a simple, concise, effective strategic direction driven by fundamental tactics that everybody understands.

During this two day program Dan Floros will be addressing the following principles and practical tools:

Why Leadership Matters – The Top Qualities of Great Leaders – Why Great Companies Succeed – The 10 Pillars Of Successful Enterprises – Formulating Strategy – Developing A Compelling Vision & Mission – Aligning Internal Values – The Importance of A Simple Strategic Statement – The Dual Focal Points To A Successful Business – How To Generate New Revenue Streams – The Main Challenge: Implementing Your Strategy – Dealing With Change – Q & A Session with Dan

Duration: 1 Day

The ability to convert a lead to a client directly impacts the sustainability of any business. To this effect selling remains a critical part of any successful enterprise. For many business leaders and sales managers, finding and developing a successful sales team that consistently ads value to the bottom line remains elusive in markets that are more competitive than ever.

A smaller group of sales professionals however consistently produces superior results, year in, year out. These sales executives (the top 4%) actually deliver more than the other 96 percent put together regardless of market conditions or types of products sold.

The fact is that selling in the 21st century more than ever is a profession, and like any highly valued vocation has its own set of laws and fundamentals that once understood and applied, massively impact the bottom line.

Topics include: What The Top 4% Do Different – The Number One Reason For Failure – Why Selling Is Not The Answer – The True Purpose Of Sales – Generating Endless Leads Made Simple – The Main Factor That Leads To More Revenue – Preparing In Advance – The Tell, Show, Ask Method –Overcoming The Six Objections – Influencing The Buying Decision – The Main Promise That Leads To Referrals – Managing Yourself For High Level Results – Tools To Managing Your Resources – Completing The Year Before It Starts – The Mirror Effect In Selling – Success Equations To Live By – Q & A Session with Dan

Program Duration: 1 Day

All across the globe, performance and its measurement is failing businesses, whether they are multinationals, government departments or fledgling entrepreneurial start-ups. For a small number of leaders that gather critical numbers at the end of every reporting period the response usually revolves around “that was a good quarter”, or “that was a bad month”.

Implemented correctly performance measures act as a powerful guide in aligning daily activities to strategic objectives. The correct numbers once utilized bring tomorrow’s vision into clear view and make it a reality through the actions of today. Results are achieved in real time, resources are conserved, and focal points are reinforced, saving years and sometimes even decades in time.

Topics include:

Why Measure? – The Law of Cause & Effect – Fundamentals For Implementing The Right Numbers – Universal Laws of Order – Ahead Of The Change – The 35, 7, 1 Model – The 5 Levels Of Business – What To Measure? – Key Results & Key Performance Ratios – Financial Figures Explained – Gathering Accurate Data – Advanced Methods For Strategic Clarity – How to Accelerate Profitability – Expensing Expenditure – Integrating Your Organisational Structure – The 12 Step Model To Developing Powerful indicators – Reporting To Your Board – Breakthrough Case Studies

Program Duration: 1 day

What are the time proven, unbreakable mental laws that are embraced and practiced by a very small part of the human population in each and every generation?  Once you are aware of their pervasive existence only then can you transform your personal and business life, taking full advantage of opportunities that are presented to you on a daily basis.

During this one day program Dan Floros will be addressing the following principles and practical tools:

The 10 Unbreakable Mental Laws – Twin Categories of Natural Laws – Order and Personal Strategic Direction – Idea of the Self Concept & Self Esteem – Cause and Effect – Innate Character of Humans and the Expediency Factor – Long Term Strategy Thinking – How to Solve Any Challenge – Expectation Theory and Personal Beliefs – Inner / Outer Paradigms – Avoiding Irrelevancy – Bringing It All Together

Duration: 1 Day

In this goal setting program open to members from all parts of the enterprise, Dan discusses and designs a practical, open framework that catapults participants to the next level, and beyond.

Why Design – The 1000% Return Formula – The Long Term Outlook – The Short Term Focus – 7 Areas of Focus – Why, What, How Formula – The Power Of Metaphors – The Irrelevancy Of Fact And Fiction – Triplicate Detachments To Live By – Power Of Direction – Brainstorming Solutions – Staying In The Moment – How To Design And See Your Plan – Question & Answer Session with Dan Floros

Program Duration: 1 Day

Winners remain consistent to a common set of daily disciplines. Mental, physical, spiritual, emotional habits commonly practiced by highly aware individuals that lead to more meaningful results as they progress through life.

In this program Dan canvasses these disciplines and how they translate to producing greater degrees of personal freedom and ultimately actualization.

The Few Who Do – Mental Laws That Matter – Quieting The Mind – The Golden Hour – Avoiding The Masses – Values driven – Your Personal Creed – Power of Association – Believing Is Seeing – Seeing Is Believing – Embracing Change – A Big Enough Why – Making Your Way Through The World – Your Dent In The Universe – Question & Answer Session with Dan Floros

Program Duration: Half Day

Success is tons of discipline.  Out of the 250 principles that can affect results in any field, discipline is the only one that transforms objectives into reality.  In essence, self – discipline is more important than all others, for all others stand for nothing without it.

Spend half a day with Dan, as he canvasses the major areas where great discipline is required in life, guaranteeing extraordinary results.

Themes include:

Habits Of The Few – The 9 Core Disciplines – Thinking With Clarity – Why Clarity Matters – Three Simple Questions To Live By – The Value Of Courage – The Correlation Between Physiology And Success – Investing In Yourself – The Innate Behaviors That Inhibit Discipline – Why Build Your Financial Fortress – Persistently Persisting


Every year I have the opportunity to speak to people across the globe about life-changing principles and fundamental concepts that have impacted and continue to greatly affect everyday leaders and the enterprises they lead. Nothing beats making the human connection and forming new relationships and bonds.

Speaking has always been my first passion. I cherish the opportunity it provides, specifically in exchanging insights that act as inflexion points for my audiences.

I’ve spent that last 30 plus years inspiring and challenging leaders across different cultures, nations, and industries. From educational institutions, to non-profit associations, start up enterprises all the way to well established companies.

Connect with me at one of my upcoming Public Events, or if you wish to have me work within your organisation please fill out my Speaking Enquiry Form.

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