“Your ability to master and consistently implement proven fundamentals results in leadership that is far more influential, in a vision that makes a real difference in the world, in a distinctive enterprise that brings true value to all of its stakeholders.


It never ceases to amaze me how effective you can become once you master time-proven business principles integrated within a more refined strategic design. In doing so you move from a point of randomness to a place of order, releasing hidden assets that deliver more to you currently, and perpetually.”

Build A Highly Sustainable, High Profit Business.

Bookwise + Street-Smart + Purpose = Amplified ROI

Why do leading companies and progressive executives across the globe choose to collaborate with Dan Floros through his training workshops, keynotes speeches, and world-class mentoring programs?


“Together with his formal qualifications across various disciplines, Dan is a consummate student. He reads more than 160 business books a year in addition to investing considerable time researching his topics of expertise.”


“Launching his first of many enterprises in 1985, Dan brings over three decades of practical experience to the table, having successfully collaborated with business clients across four continents within numerous market sectors.”


“Dan’s purpose clearly shines through in his work. He is clearly committed to significantly impacting the lives of current and future leaders through his delivery of universal fundamentals, time proven truths, and breakthrough insights.”

Amplified ROI

“The investment we have made in Dan has had a positive impact on our culture, resulting in transformational approaches in our way of thinking together with exponential improvements in our performance.”

Speaking and Mentoring

Dan Floros is one of the world’s pre-eminent business thought leaders and has worked with executives and business professionals across Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

Articles That Matter

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