One Quantum At A Time

During the Persian War, the building on the Acropolis of Athens was burned by the invading Persian forces. Following the war, which ended in 479 b.c., the Athenians began rebuilding their city, which culminated in the construction of the Parthenon, the greatest of all Greek temples of the Classical Age. Dedicated to Athena, goddess of wisdom and patron deity of the city of Athens, the Parthenon stood more or less intact for some 2,000 years until the middle of the seventeenth century, when it was partly destroyed in a war between the Turks and the Venetians.


The Metaphor

The business you are building or constructing is as important to you as was the Parthenon to the Greeks. It took many years of painstaking planning and excruciatingly hard work to affect this magnificent temple.

The same is true of your own business. A level of commitment that was quite extraordinary was essential to the ultimate success of the Athenians’ undertaking. No less is required of you. Like the Parthenon, your career or business is also supported by pillars, each of which is central to its integrity and its survival. The Parthenon was “built to last.” So too, your career or business must be based on rock-solid principles.


Its All Net Sum Of Quanta

In the field of Quantum Physics, the smallest unit of energy is known as a quantum. It is the fundamental building block of everything in the Universe, and hence everything that comes into view is the net sum of multiple quanta.  One quantum, one unit of energy at a time leads to solid structures that make up our perceptive environment.


Incremental Changes

Consider the human body. It has several systems—pillars, if you will—each of which supports the body. Improve one and the overall health of the person improves. Improve them all by just a small amount and the individual will experience a significant increase in health, energy, and vitality.

Similarly, your business or organisation consists of several foundational systems, all of which are interrelated. In our business programs, we consider seven core systems or pillars: Strategic Direction, Strategic Positioning, Sustainable Skills, Systems, Staff, Structure and Style. As with the human body, an improvement in any of these systems will lead to an improvement in the overall health of the organisation or your business.


Leave Competitors Behind

One last insight.  As you sculpt your business, as you add and subtract what does and what ceases to work, as you learn more and as you bring it to life within the structures of the enterprise, you outcompete your competitors.  How?  First and foremost very few business leaders are disciplined enough to keep up with you.  Secondly, for the few who decide to consistently make improvements across the board, their organisation will look totally different to yours.  In essence it becomes impossible for anyone to duplicate your unique ‘business fingerprint’.One Quantum At A Time


Fundamental – small incremental changes across the board lead to exponential returns