Nobody Is Coming To The Rescue

Someone once said that there are three types of people in this world. Those that let things happen, those that watch things unfold, and that small minority that make things happen. Which category do you fall into?

Resourcefulness, Not Resources

People deploy just about any self-limiting excuse to remain in their current situation. A lack of education, no money, no time, and low energy just to name a few. The list is lengthy indeed.

Take one of your favourite excuses and ask yourself. ‘Is there someone I know who has had to face similar or even greater setbacks than those I put forward, and has succeeded anyway?’ The answer for all of us is a definitive ‘yes’. Hence the self-limiting beliefs that hold us back are completely irrational, personal, and internalized.  If someone has done it, the truth is that your fictitious arguments are simply well, yours only.

It is never a lack of resources that holds one back; it is the lack of one’s resourcefulness that hinders one from moving forward.  Where there is a desire you will find a way.  The sad fact is that most people never attempt anything new, and of the few that do, many give up after the first attempt.

Your Goals For Me

Any great journey begins with a new, predetermined direction. If you are misaligned with any part of your life, then set a new course. If not now, then when? Where should you re-focus your time and life, and most importantly why?

Many of us think that our families, friends, business associates, governments at all levels, have it all worked out for us. Ask them, ‘what goals have you designed for me?” Deep down what you will find is that most people are living lives of quiet desperation wishing they could be doing something else, somewhere else, usually with a whole different peer group.

In my personal day-to-day work with people from all walks of life, it never ceases to amaze me how many people would rather be doing something else.  It is refreshingly rare when I find somebody truly on purpose. Very rare.

Responsibility is indeed a rare commodity, practiced by only a small percentage of people.

Block Out Useless Distractions

Fully responsible people value the minutes in the next hour, and addition to being highly selective to their external environment. They don’t go where the majority goes. They don’t do what the majority does, nor do they read what the masses read or choose not to read.

To have a significant positive impact with your limited time on this planet, learn to limit your exposure to the negative voices and influences that abound. With the ever-increasing reach in this the technological age, the need to ‘close the door’ is more important than ever before.

Guarding the minutes in your hour means that you take total responsibility when it comes to your focus.  All of us have a moment to moment choice, what is fundamentally important is that we choose to exchange our time and life force in something that is truly meaningful, something that expresses our human talent

Responsibility Compounds Quietly

Success is the net sum of small disciplines. Henry Longfellow said it well. ‘The heights by great men reached and kept, were not obtained by sudden flight. But they, while their companions slept, were toiling upward in the night.’

Fully responsible leaders understand the inherent power of compounding, the tremendous energy contained with one’s ability to be totally present in the moment and within it working away on the task at hand.

It takes time, patience, and persistence.  Responsible people fully understand that no matter what they will stay the course they have chartered for their businesses, their investments, and their families.

Nobody Is Better Than You

All of us start somewhere, usually from a small base with very little money, limited knowledge, and skills.  All self made, responsible business leaders began with one client.  All great lives are underpinned by a clear, compelling vision that guides the way, one step at a time.

Remember nobody is better than you.  What separates people that lead inspired lives is the acceptance for everything they are and everything they will be.  There is no wishful thinking.  Responsibility begins in seeing your current situation as it really is, and taking the correct action so that you can transform it to where you would like it to be.Nobody Is Coming To The Rescue

Responsibility.  100%.