Brain Food

“In my whole life, I have known no wise people who didn’t read all the time — none. Zero. All effective leaders read. It is a fundamental prerequisite if you are serious about extracting all you can from your brief time here on Earth.” Dan Floros

Trust the following titles that make up a small fraction of Dan’s library shine a light on where to begin your search for better ideas and inspiration.

The 21 Irrefutable Laws Of Leadership (John Maxwell)

Deep Simplicity: Bringing Order To Chaos And Complexity (John Gribbin)

The Power Of Less (Leo Babauta)

Maximum Achievement       (Brian Tracy)

Wisdom Of The Ages (Wayne W. Dyer)

The Psychology Of Persuasion (Robert B. Cialdini)

How Successful People Think (John Maxwell)

The 6 Pillars To Self Esteem (Nathaniel Branden)

The Slight Edge (Jeff Olson)

The Health Revolution (Ross Horne)

The Official Guide To Success (Tom Hopkins)

The Power Of Intention (Wayne W. Dyer)

The Healthiest Diet On The Planet (John McDougal MD)

The Speed Of Trust (Stephen Covey)

The Ultimate Sales Letter (Dan S. Kennedy)

Financial Intelligence (Karen Berman)

Great By Choice (Jim Collins)

Scale (Jeff Hoffman)

Guerrilla Marketing (Jay Conrad Levinson)

Getting Everything You Can Out Of All You’ve Got (Jay Abraham)

Advanced Selling Strategies (Brian Tracy)

The Ultimate Sales Machine (Chet Holmes)

Keys To The Vault (Keith Cunningham)

The Practical Drucker (William Cohen)

Focus (Daniel Goleman)

Good To Great (Jim Collins)

The Millionaire Next Door (Danko & Stanley)

Where Are All The Customers Yachts? (Fred Schwed)

The Way Of The Turtle (Curtis Faith)

Come Into My Trading Room (Dr. Alexander Elder)

The Millionaire Mind (Thomas J. Stanley)

Money: Mastering The Game (Tony Robbins)

The Automatic Millionaire (David Bach)

The Rules Of Wealth (Richard Templer)

Kerry Stokes: The Boy From Nowhere (Andrew Rule)

The Snowball: Warren Buffet And The Business Of Life (Alice Schroeder)

Lincoln (David Herbert Donald)

Steve Jobs: The Man Who Thought Different (Karen Blumenthal)

Models Of My Life (Herbert A. Simon)

Andrew Carnegie (Autobiography)

Titan: The Life Of John D. Rockefeller, Sr (Ron Chernow)

Ghandi: An Autobiography (American Version)

Neil Armstrong: A Life Of Flight (Jay Barbree)

How The Scots Invented The Modern World (Arthur Herman)

The Wealth And Poverty Of Nations (David Landes)

Meditations Of Marcus Aurelius (Penguin)

On The Shortness Of Life (Seneca)

The 5 Pieces To The Life Puzzle – (Jim Rohn)

The Richest Man In Babylon (Richard Clayson)

Wisdom (Andrew Zuckerman)

The Art Of Exceptional Living (Jim Rohn)

Many Miles To Go (Brian Tracy)

True Success (Tom Morris)

The Speed Of Trust (Stephen Covey)

Wisdom Of The Ages (Wayne W. Dyer)

What The Schools Don’t Teach (Brad Johnson)