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This is your opportunity to integrate a time-proven, unique approach that uncovers and releases the enormous potential of the untapped assets in your business.


For $1 and 31 days, Dan will collaborate with you and together you will begin to apply a guaranteed business model that delivers exceptional results over time.


If you are currently operating a business with a yearly revenue above $1,000,000, then we invite you to apply now.


During this time you will discover how to multiply your results and compound your wealth – minus the spin and complexity promised by so many so-called business experts.


Apply for your 15-minute Strategic Overview Session with Dan.

Limited to a small number of committed business leaders.

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Who Is Dan Floros?

Dan has been studying, implementing, and imparting the Fundamentals of Leadership, Business, and Wealth since 1985.

Starting at 17, Dan built and later sold Quantum Education Australia, a private school through which hundreds of final year secondary students gained entry into the University course of their primary choice.

At the turn of the millennium, he was invited to develop, lead, and advise at the Executive Board level for a handful of clients in the Energy & Construction Sectors in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Armed with formal qualifications in Chemistry and Physics, Business Restructuring, as well as a Masters of Business Administration, today Dan brings his wealth of theoretical as well as practical real-life results to dedicated Australian business leaders through his unique, systematic approach.

His life purpose is to positively impact the lives of his clients past what they ever thought possible.

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