Available to a select number of clients, the following programs give you private access to Dan through a choice of four programs that have been tested, tried, and shown to produce major improvements with leaders across the past 3 decades. They are offered by invitation only based on Dan’s availability and close fit with client needs.

A Proven Framework To Streamline Your Business, Increase Profits, & Implement Your Vision.

Duration: 12 months

A Proven System To Simplify Your Life, Multiply Your Results, & Achieve All Your Personal Yearly Objectives.

Duration: 3 months

An Automated Approach To Building Assets, Reducing Liabilities, & Reaching Financial Independence.

Duration: 3 Months

Dan has been trading successfully since 1995, through a very simple approach based on small, low risk trades that extract consistent returns from the markets.Β  Available to a very small number of successful applicants who have considerable assets and a history of disciplined investing.

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